About Us


Meet Our Founders

D&H TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS was started by people that work in diverse fields. We have seen and experienced the real problems with doing business in environmental and industrial applications. Our solutions fix these problems and streamline processes allowing our customers to focus on their objectives and not get hung up on semantics and logistics. D&H products and services  provide our clients with a cost effective and simple solutions for industrial and environmental monitoring and sampling.


Mark Davis

Mark is an industrial professional with extensive experience in electrical system design, fabrication and mechanical trobleshooting. With over twenty years of experience as an industrial electrician, Mark brings a unique and multi-faceted skill-set to the D&H team, designing and fabricating industrial solutions to real-world problems. Mark's background and experience make him invaluable to the D&H team.


Zack Holt

Zack is an environmental scientist with an extensive background in chemistry, hydrology, oceanography and environmental monitoring. Zack's skill-set includes monitoring equipment fabrication, instrument design, quality assurance/quality control, and sensor integration. Zack is an industry leader in designing and fabricating autonomous monitoring systems for all environmental applications.